Report: Lamar Odom Missing for 72 Hours; May Be on Drug Binge

Published on 25-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles
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Lamar Odom

The entertainment website TMZ is reporting that former LA Lakers forward Lamar Odom is a drug addict, is taking crack, and has been missing for 72 hours.

Odom has been in the news recently because, apparently, his marriage to Khole Kardashian is either falling apart or has fallen apart, depending on which sources you prefer to believe.

Most thought it was because Odom was having an affair with another woman, but now it seems a bit more serious than a fling. 

Odom has been battling drug addiction for the past two years, which would be around the time when he was released from the Lakers. 

This may also explain why Odom never fully adjusted to playing for other teams in the NBA after he was let go. Last year, Odom returned to LA after briefly playing for the Dallas Mavericks and then played for the Clippers, averaging just four points per game. 

Now, friends and family are worried because they haven't talked or seen the star player in days and fear he is on a drug binge or worse.

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