Rajon Rondo Is Still a Malcontent

Published on 20-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Rajon Rondo Is Still a Malcontent

In a development that should surprise absolutely nobody, the Chicago Bulls are currently a very mediocre basketball team.

The Bulls made some unusual moves in the offseason, opting against a necessary teardown in favor of going older.

This dubious strategy included the acquisition of the still-productive Dwayne Wade, which is fine.

Unfortunately, it also brought the polarizing Rajon Rondo to Chicago.

Why, indeed.

We're barely halfway through the season, but Rondo has already made quite an impression.

The discord has evolved from a benching to a temporary banishment, with Rondo not playing in five consecutive games.

The former All-Star guard has predictably bristled at his redefined role, but the fact that Rondo can neither shoot nor play defense may just have been a factor in his benching.

The complete lack of chemistry on the Bulls is self-inflicted, as the front office made a conscious decision to put Wade, Rondo and the egomaniacal Jimmy Butler on the floor at the same time, with only one basketball to go around.

Recently Rondo decided to disparage his former teammates in Sacramento when discussing his league-leading assist total from last season.

The modest-to-a-fault Rondo seemed to suggest his almost 12 assists per game were nothing short of miraculous, considering the dearth of talent on the Kings roster.

Of course, this is a Sacramento team that included DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay, but let's not allow facts to ruin a perfectly good delusional narrative.

Anyway, regardless of how much playing time Rondo gets the rest of the season, the Bulls will still be stuck in NBA purgatory until they decide to begin a full rebuild.

So it goes.