Pop to Take Over Team USA's Hoop Duties

Published on 25-Oct-2015 by CJ

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Pop to Take Over Team USA's Hoop Duties

It is damn difficult to become a legend.

The only thing harder is replacing a legend.

Especially when both are still alive and kicking.

Just ask Aaron Rodgers how much fun he had when the time came to replace Brett Favre.  

However, every so often, a team gets lucky enough to have the new dude be just as good -- if not better than -- the original.

This is the case with Team USA Basketball, who get to go from a college icon in Mike Krzyzewski to an NBA lion in Gregg Popovich.

Pop will take over USA squad in 2017, following the 2016 Rio Olympics. Coach K will remain with the team in a special advisory role, where he'll work with Jerry Colangelo.

The job is a dream come true for Popovich, who reportedly was butt-hurt when he was passed over for the job after the epic failure that was the 2004 Olympic team.

Who knows? Plus Pop may even crack a smile if he leads the squad to gold. That'd be news in itself.

Just a guess, but the news probably warmed the collective cockle of a many American hoop fans' hearts.