Olynyk Proves His Hoser Chops, then Breaks the Hoser Code

Published on 2-Apr-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Olynyk Proves His Hoser Chops, then Breaks the Hoser Code

Talk about truth in anthems.

When Canadians rise before their flag and sing The True North strong and free, they're not kidding about the strong part.

Dudes and dudettes grow up tough. Must be a process.

Above the 49th, they just drop an M from the Nike slogan and strive for stoicism so they can be like Ike:

Nobody embodies this rugged determination to stay on task more than hockey players. Cases in point number in the thousands. Some are legendary, like Duncan Keith losing seven teeth and hardly missing a shift. Virtually all are shrugged off, like this:

And then there's the Detroit Red Wings' Drew Miller this week:

Dude thought he lost an eye. He was lucky not to. Still, he was loathe to miss a shift then and wants to play tonight. But 60 stitches might dictate otherwise:

Drew Miller stitches

Now, contrast that with the elbow that the Boston Celtics' Kelly Olynyk took to the face in practice:

Kelly Olynyk black eye

And he gets called tough because he didn't miss a game. Right.

But Olynyk's from Kamloops, BC. Played hockey as a kid. He knows what tough is.

I remember two days ago, I was texting [Boston Bruin defenseman] Dougie Hamilton and he told me he broke his ribs and he’s trying to come back before the playoffs. I was like, ‘Man, I can’t sit out, he’s gonna rip me’ . . . all those hockey guys would have killed me, so I had to do it.”

Whoops. Olynyk forgot one of the unspoken rules about being tough, which is not to let opponents know where it hurts.

The Bruins had only stated that Hamilton had an upper body injury. That's the normal NHL protocol.

Dude may have to toughen up his butt now. Odds are a Bruin or two would like to see him be like Ike.