NBA'S MVP Erik Spoelstra: As in 'Most Valuable Playa'

Published on 13-Mar-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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NBA'S MVP Erik Spoelstra: As in 'Most Valuable Playa'
Calling all groupies, dancers, cheerleaders, and gold-diggers! You now have a new target.
We're used to seeing any professional male athlete standing in the spotlight with  a beautiful young woman on his arm. Coaches, not so much. Until now.
Miami Heat head coach Erik Spolestra, who is 42 -- but maybe a young 42! -- was seen on the red carpet with an exquisite accessory on his arm. His 24-year-old girlfriend Nikki Sapp.
So not only did Mr. Spolestra land a young beauty but its reported that she is a former Miami Heat Dancer.  'Way to keep it in the sports family, Coach!
Should we be surprised? Not really. Erik has a boyish smile and is quite attractive.  He is the leader of one of the most popular sports teams around, in one of the hottest cities ever. Even though he keeps a low profile, it looks like his players have coached him on a thing or two.
Don't expect to see a flock of hot chicks beating down the coaches' bench. But it only takes one lucky woman to start a revolution. For the sake of harmony, let's just hope there aren't a lot of Sapp-inspired opportunists out there scheming to sink their teeth in to some 'unsuspecting' version of an NBA Joseph Abbound mannequin, because most head coaches are married.
In any event, it looks like we need to ring one up for Erik Spolestra. He's now a winner on and off the court and is probably holding his MVP (Most Valuable Playa) card  in his pocket.