NBA: Not So Fast, Rockets

Published on 23-Apr-2016 by CJ

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NBA: Not So Fast, Rockets

Game 3 in the Warriors-Rockets series actually featured drama.

Perhaps more than the NBA wanted.

And definitely more than the game officials needed.

The game log shows Houston was able to secure a crucial victory complements of a James Harden game winner:

Sure, Steph Curry didn’t play, but this is allegedly a team game, sorta like the Supremes before they became Diana Ross and the Supremes.

And Draymond Green kinda cost his team the game by forgetting how to dribble:

Still, it's odds-on the Rockets don't care what's being said right now.

After the Warriors claimed this series' first two games, it seemed to be a foregone conclusion a sweep was in the offing. Even TNT's talking heads acknowledged that the prospects of Game 5 were a pipe dream

TNT tweet

Ironically, through their hard work and dedication -- two words nobody has ever said about this edition of this crew -- the Rockets were able to pull the upset.

Or did they?

Ex post facto, the NBA approached a level of obliviousness previously only attained by the NFL when they acknowledged Harden’s otherwise heroic bucket should not have counted.

As most basketball fans saw when it happened -- because they were paying attention -- Harden was the one who initiated contact with André Iguodala so he'd have the space to shoot.

For what it’s worth, the NBA also figured Green’s tackle of Michael Beasley on the game’s final play should have been a flagrant.

Call it Rocket science.

So, should Houston feel remorse about winning on a shot that should't have counted?

Should you feel badly about finding a $20 on the sidewalk?

In a series where the other team is vastly superior, the Rockets need to cling on to any advantage they can get.

Even if that means the NBA borrows refs from the NHL every now and then.