MJ Owns Warriors Owner

Published on 9-Feb-2017 by CJ

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MJ Owns Warriors Owner

Michael Jordan is quite possibly the best basketball player of all time.

Sure, LeBron plays better defense and has the ability to play all five positions.

But MJ still has a leg up.

I’m not talking about Jordan’s six rings, though they do figure significantly into the equation.

His Dudeness could well be the GOAT trash talker.

Great scoring performances and finals-winning shots are all well and good. However, nothing tops a good trash-talking story.

And do know MJ has his fair share of them.

In a 1993 playoff game against the Cavaliers, Jordan mocked Gerald Wilkins, aka the Jordan Stopper, with “he can’t guard me” after hitting a jumper.

There was also the time where MJ made a great defensive stop on a potential game-winner by Muggsy Bogues.

By defense, I mean that MJ mocked Bogues' height -- what with Muggsy being the shortest player in NBA history -- in order to psyche the dude out. Let’s just leave it at what Jordan said would be considered politically incorrect nowadays.

As legend goes, Jordan’s trash talk ruined Bogues' shot and his NBA career as a whole.

There are numerous other examples from MJ’s long career as a top-tier trash talker. Even now, with his playing career behind him, dude's still talking smack to his fellow NBA compatriots.

The only difference now is that he's also dressing down his fellow NBA owners.

The victim of his latest dressing down is Warriors' owner Joe Lacob.

During the CBA meetings in New York, Lacob and Jordan were among a group of NBA owners who decided to go out for lunch. In mid-munch, Jordan turned to Lacob and told him that the Warriors' historic 73 win season "don’t mean shit."

This wasn't the first time Jordan's made this point, as -- after the Warriors' 73rd victory last April -- Jordan said he looked forward to seeing what the team would do come playoff time.

It’s one thing to mock the Warriors on Twitter for blowing a 3-1 lead, but to do it straight to the owner’s face is what sets GOAT trash talkers apart.

MJ’s basketball dominance may be lost to time, but he's still in his smack-talking prime.