Minnesota Representative Makes Racist Tweet about the NBA

Published on 10-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Minnesota Representative Makes Racist Tweet about the NBA

If anyone tells you racism is dead, just have them read what one Minnesota state representative postd online the other night.

Perhaps someone should tell Pat Garofolo not to play with a loaded Twitter account.

He claimed he was “talking about NBA’s high arrest rate and that [the NBA is] the only major pro league [where] testing positive for marijuana is not a substance abuse violation.”

Do tell. Check it out for yourself and draw your own inference:

Garofolo tweet

So let me ask Rep. Garofalo this: If they shut down the NHL, which is mostly populated with white players, does he feel that these players will also turn into criminals  and start beating people, since the league is known for its violent fights?

Probably not. Garofalo tried to defend his tweet, but notice he didn't say anything like that about the other leagues. Just the league full of black players.

Funny thing is that the NBA hasn't had many incidents as compared to, say, the NFL. You'd think Mr Garofalo might have noticed if he wasn't trying to be such a smart ass.

Mind you, the Timberwolves have had some interesting moments in roster composition. But still.

Expect a lame apology soon, about which no one will probably notice or care until the elections later this year.