Miller Wonders What He's Going to Be When He Grows Up

Published on 17-May-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Miller Wonders What He's Going to Be When He Grows Up
Everything old is new again.
Reggie Millie will likely be hearing the chants of from fans but this time he's in the booth and not on the bench.
It's been quite a while since Miller was at Banker's Life Fieldhouse for an Indiana Pacers playoff game. In fact, the last time he was there, the building was called Conseco Fieldhouse and he walked off the court to a sellout crowd cheering for him. 
No clue whether Miller's presence will bring any kind of luck for the Pacers. It didn't bring any for him in his last appearance. That's when the Pacers lost a playoff series against the Detroit Pistons, which was the final game of his career.  
Miller  is now an analyst for TNT, but the job that seems to really catch his eye is a little more hands-on.
That would be a return to the team he loves. No, not wearing a jersey on the court but a suit in the front office. Miller has a strong desire to work with the Pacers again. Although he has no practical experience in the executive end of things, it's possible a soft landing could be arranged for him in the city where he's a PR icon. It would give him an opportunity to learn under the tutelage  of an excellent GM like Donnie Walsh
Would he blossom into a successful NBA mover and shaker? 
That remains to be seen, but he has all the attributes necessary to make a go of it. How quickly he absorbs the detail work and whether or not he still likes the job description after that are the questions he'll need to answer for himself.
Miller is surely mounting a subtle campaign for a position now.