Matt Barnes Isn't a Happy Camper at the Moment

Published on 11-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Matt Barnes Isn't a Happy Camper at the Moment

Matt Barnes has a few things to be angry about.

First and foremost, he's currently toiling in relative obscurity in the NBA wasteland that is Sacramento.

As if this harsh reality wasn't troubling enough, the ugly business side of the Association has just swallowed one of his former teammates whole.

Lance Stephenson, whom Barnes played alongside in Memphis, was just released by the New Orleans Pelicans after suffering a nasty groin injury that will require surgery.

Not cool.

Barnes, who's never been shy about sharing his thoughts on any subject publicly, denounced this move with great venom.

Matt Barnes Instagram

Dude has a point.

However, such is the reality of professional sports, particularly when the team in question has been decimated by injuries and is in desperate need of healthy bodies.

Also, it appears the Pelicans have in fact expressed some remorse.

Of course, this in no way invalidates the Barnes argument.

These dudes make a pretty good living, but they're also at the mercy of their respective teams and always one injury away from irrelevance.

Adam Silver probably doesn't have this problem.