Mark Jackson's Fighting Innuendos

Published on 4-Jun-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Mark Jackson's Fighting Innuendos

Fans around the NBA may be wondering why former Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson  isn't getting many calls from other teams.

After all, he did lead his club to a 51-31 overall record during the regular season, which was good enough for third place in the West.

In that respect, his firing at Golden State came as a surprise, but with mixed signals.

Well, as we now know, Steve Kerr is the next Warriors coach.

Meanwhile, Sir Charles was dropping hints of dysfunction:

Could it also be that an image of Jackson is starting to form that may make it difficult for him to ever coach in the league again?

Whispers were going around -- and that means social media was getting cranked up -- that Jackson was homophobic.

Is this a witch hunt? Jackson thinks so, as he vehemently denied it.

Jackson is a pastor with strong religious views, but they're not extremist. His life views may have played a role in it, then, but to date, no one can absolutely confirm this quote attributed to him when Jason Collins' name came up as a potential Warrior signing:

Not in my locker room.

That's the sort of quote that goes viral. And it did. But until there's firm proof he actually said it, rational minds shouldn't be jumping to conclusions.

However, rational minds often are in the minority when a hot comment -- whether or not it's accurate -- starts whipping around in cyberspace.

Sounds like those casting stones had best make sure they've got an actual target first.