Making of a Master Plan

Published on 17-Apr-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Making of a Master  Plan
There's a thin line between genius and deranged, and Gregg Popovich is currently walking that line.  
Only few days ago, the sporting world released a collective sigh when the Spurs cut Stephen Jackson loose. Now, the reasons behind this decision are coming to fruition.  
Popovich is a mastermind, and you can be sure his moves are always strategic. He knew the ramifications that could occur in waiving Jackson. Too early, and he could have been playoff eligible had he been picked up by a contender. So his timing clearly took that into account; he let him go when that wasn't a possibility.
Now all the elements of his perceived scheme are materializing, piece by meticulous piece. Tracy McGrady is the next factor to come into play. This may be McGrady's opportunity to be a contributor to a team that has floundered down the stretch. The Spurs are on the geriatric side of the NBA, and while Tracy won't bring down the average age, he will elevate the talent on their roster. 
And thanks to McGrady's overseas adventure, he will be eligible for the playoffs since he has not played for another NBA team this season. It's another reason to hold Popovich and his coaching aptitude in awe.
As always, San Antonio is a no-nonsense organization. They don't make or take excuses very well, and McGrady’s career is the definition of it. 
With an aging team full of injuries such as Manu Ginobili, who is trying to make a comeback from a hamstring; Tony Parker attempting to recover from a sprained left ankle; and Jackson being booted, the Spurs could use an offensive explosion going into the playoffs.
Popovich believes he's found it.