Love's Ultimate Decision

Published on 9-Jun-2015 by Towner Park

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Love's Ultimate Decision

To stay or leave?

Any rocky relationship reaches this ultimate boiling point. You weigh the pros-&-cons and then determine whether or not you want to continue or cut ties.

Shaq left Kobe when things went haywire. Charlie Sheen left Two and A Half Men.

Kevin Love is currently in this predicament with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Yes, he was quoted as saying that "I truly expect to be suiting up for Game 1."

But does he genuinely mean it, or do the Cavs honestly want him back, given the success theyre having without the perennial All-Star?

Love might be offering the City of Cleveland lip service. Yes, he's been saying publicly that he wishes to ply his services in the great state of Ohio, but there might be something brewing below the surface.

Love hasn't found his role in Cleveland and, with his style of play, may never. He's sometimes an afterthought, which sounds absurd, given his exceptional basketball abilities. Defensively, he's a liability, which left David Blatt with a easy choice to bench him during nail-biting fourth quarters. And although he's a pretty good shooter from long range, his overall shooting percentage was below his career average throughout the duration of the season.

This, of course, is his forté, which may seem simple but is as much of a lost art as the mid-range jumper:

You may chalk it up to a new team, a new city, and a newfound anxiety playing alongside the best player on the planet, but Kevin Love and Cleveland haven't been in sync all year.

Is it fixable? Yes but Love would have to decide to stay.

Another offseason working with LeBron James should fix a ton of issues since the King is proving -- especially in this NBA finals with a depleted roster -- to flash his high hoops IQ with his continuous adaptation to the way he's being defended.

But do the Cavs even want to pay Love max money if he returns, given their success without him?

That's another question in itself. If he bolts, teams will consider him a max player but if he stays, he's a third option and will always remain there unless something drastically happens.

A true conundrum with several different plot lines. Regardless, this will be a compelling offseason for Love.

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