Losing Lakers Mull Metta's Return

Published on 27-Aug-2015 by CJ

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Losing Lakers Mull Metta's Return

The past two years in Laker Land have been downright garbage.

From the disappointment that was the 2013 SuperTeam to Dwight Howard's departure to Kobe's decline into the Walking Dead, Lakers fans haven’t had much to cheer for in recent years.

That is,aside from that opening night fight between Kobe and Dwight:

Things will eventually get better for the Lakers, what with the return of Julius Randle and the debut of D’Angelo Russell, but fans shouldn't expect any real short-term success from this crew. Perhaps that's why the team is looking towards bringing back a piece from their last title run, even if he is way past his prime.

Incredibly, the Lake Show is mulling a reunion with Metta World Peace, aka Panda Friend aka the Artist formerly known as Ron Artest.

World Peace -- in his Ron Artest phase at the time -- played a major role in the Lakers' 2010 Championship triumph, hitting a clutch three that gave the team a six-point lead in the game’s final minute:

World Peace’s career has been pretty much downhill from the point on, as he was amnestied by the Lakers in 2013, signed and waived by the Knicks, and most recently had short stints with teams in China and Italy.

Woj says that interest within is Lakers org is mixed, but that Kobe supports the idea of bringing back MWP. It only makes sense that Kobe is down with bringing back the only guy who he ever passed the ball to.

The OG probably isn’t going to make a difference this season, but his return will at least make the Lakers 19 prime time games more entertaining.

And who knows? Maybe the Lakers will bring back more of their old championship guys. Anybody know what Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom are up to?