Looks Like the Celtics Are Legit

Published on 2-Feb-2017 by Chips 10

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Looks Like the Celtics Are Legit

Almost a month ago, Toronto's Raptors defended their turf and place in the NBA East standings by edging the Boston Celtics, 114-106.

Mighty munchkin Isaiah Thomas by going 8-19 and 8-9 for 27 points.

The Green went 7-3 since then, with the latest four victories strung together coming into their home rematch. The Raptors muddled along at 5-6 and saw Boston catch them in Eastern race.

After last night's latest Thomas bombing run -- part of their 109-104 victory over Toronto -- the Celtics are beginning to put a bit of distance between them:

NBA East standings

This was a breakthrough of sorts for Boston. Entering the game, they were 0-4 against Toronto and Cleveland.

If the Celts want an extended spring, they need games like this.

Thomas, of course, has been beyond incredible.

Isaiah Thomas in January 2017

There's still concern, though, that the club's current hotness is an example of spending too much time marveling at the silver lining and ignoring the cloud.

During their recent results, dating from their loss in TO, here's the breakdown:

  • Four of Boston's seven wins were over sub-.500 teams; and
  • Two of their three losses were to playoff frontrunners Atlanta and Portland

Too small a sample size? Perhaps, but they've gotta play their schedule.

Thomas is torrid, but the little dude's no Pistol Pete. Sooner or later, his teammates must jump into the spotlight, too.

Many fans would like to see Al Horford, who suffered a concussion early in the season and is now rounding into shape, move to power forward. A healthy Kelly Olynyk might make that a possibility.

Avery Bradley's been fragile this season, so that's a concern. Jaylen Brown's found a new level of aggressiveness, so that's not.

Dudes still have 33 games ahead of them before the rubber really meets the road. Still, they're right in the mix, maybe even setting themselves up for a playoff run that -- if everything went right -- might rekindle a treasured Celtic tradition:

Red Auerbach lit 'em up then.

To even approach their storied past this season, the Celtics need Isaiah Thomas to keep lighting 'em up now.