Lebron's Legacy Safe ... for Now

Published on 22-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Lebron's Legacy Safe ... for Now

As the Miami Heat won their second NBA Championship, 95-88 over the San Antonio Spurs, Lebron James showed up when his team needed him most.

His 37 points gave Miami the offensive charge they needed, and in the process, he made one of  the last buckets of the game to seal victory for the Heat.

With his performance, James won the Most Valuable Player Award, which was well deserved. But most importantly, King James has shut his critics up for now.

James proved in Games Six and Seven that he indeed can make a difference in a game and carry the team on his back if necessary. And boy, was it necessary!

It was obvious that DeWayne Wade was playing with pain and wasn't his usual self -- and it showed -- and Chris Bosh was MIA last night, scoring as many points as I did, which was zero.

King James showed up in a big way, which should silence Lebron haters at least until the season starts up. But for those in the media who say it's time to get off his back I say this: he brought this on himself.

James brought the heat (no pun intended) on himself. Making promises of multiple championships to an excited crowd in Miami put the spotlight and the pressure squarely on him.

So, congratulations, Lebron. Enjoy your championship for now, but you still are only a third of the way to completing your mission.