Lebron's Buzzer Beater Provides Storybook Finish

Published on 13-Feb-2014 by Towner Park

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Lebron's Buzzer Beater Provides Storybook Finish

Simply amazing.

No. I'm not talking about the foot of snow that just got dumped all over the state of Virginia.

I'm in awe of Lebron James and his endless array of tactics to wow his audience. He is seemingly silencing his critics -- or the few that still exist -- on a yearly basis. Given how the vast majority of NBA enthusiasts and analysts are questioning how great Lebron James just might be, I think he's had a pretty good career thus far, and he hasn't even hit 30 yet.

One unchecked item on his list of accomplishments was a miraculous three-pointer as time expired to end a regular season game because, frankly, those shots are by far the most heart-stopping makes and are easily remembered.

Well, welcome to Oracle Arena, home of the Golden State Warriors.

With Robin out due to a nagging injury, Batman had to be assertive, and he was. Lebron decided to put on a show for his fan base as well as loyal NBA fans worldwide with his fourth quarter performance. What made the situation more exciting was that Stephen Curry decided to step up his game and join Lebron in the theatrics of what turned out to be one of the better regular season games this year.

Although it technically wasn't a buzzer beater, James hit a rainbow that took an eternity to fall through the net with 0.2 seconds remaining. It was a formality from then on, but the dramatics that led up to Lebron's three were simply enthralling.

After Iguodala lost control of the ball and managed to hoist an awkward jumper that hit the bottom of the net, the two most recognized players in the gym took control. Curry and James took turns showcasing their talents under pressure. Lebron nailed a trey to put the Heat up by two, while Curry followed with his lethal jumpshort to knot the score at 107-all. Consequently, Lebron split a pair of free throws and Curry followed Lebron's make with a dribble drive right past Mario Chalmers for an old-fashioned three-point play.

After that, it was what Laker fans are usually accustomed to: Showtime.

Although it's always a toss-up whether Lebron is going to take the last shot or defer to another offensive player, fans in this game had a firm understanding that Lebron wasn't passing up the opportunity. As he said in the post-game, "Better offense trumps better defense" and, in this case, he was most definitely accurate. Iguodala, a suffocating defender, closely shadowed Lebron from the onset. Despite the solid D, Lebron nailed a step-back 27-footer.

James almost compiled a triple-double in the process, but his two clutch threes in the fourth quarter were by far the bigger story. Entering last night's contest, Lebron had been a putrid 2-9 shooting from beyond the arc with less than a minute remaining and his team within five points of the opposition.

But when it was money time, James showed once again why he has the fatter wallet.