Lebron James Exposed as Benjamin Button

Published on 31-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Lebron James Exposed as Benjamin Button

In a development that will surely shake the NBA's very foundation, it appears Lebron James is actually aging in reverse.

Of course, this means he'll continue to dominate the Association for the foreseeable future and even improve his game, if that's possible.

This stunning revelation was revealed by Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue, who casually confirmed the rest of the league's worst nightmare during a post-game press conference.

Here's Lue after the Cavs wasted the New York Knicks on opening night:

Yep, he definitely conjured the name of Benjamin Button.

Hold for a collective gasp from the entire league:

This is just patently unfair.

King James has always kept himself in remarkably good shape, but most attributed this to hard work and clean living.

But no.

It turns out Bron Bron has the body and bone structure of a 19-year old, and this absurd notion has been confirmed by actual doctors.

Pause for a gulp from the Eastern Conference.

Dude's now a documented freak of nature, in addition to being a prominent appraiser of fine jewelry.

Good luck, NBA.