LeBron Is Staying In Cleveland

Published on 24-Jun-2016 by Dusty C

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LeBron Is Staying In Cleveland

LeBron James has told reporters that he plans to return to Cleveland to defend the Cavs’ title.

Let’s be real. Is anyone really surprised?

Cue the classic lines of the haters:

  • “I wouldn’t trust him. Remember how he left six years ago?”
  • “He left a pretty great team in Miami. Why wouldn’t he leave this team?”
  • “He’s just a ring-chaser. If he doesn’t get that super-team in Cleveland, he’ll leave and maybe find it in LA.”

There are more arguments.

But, since these are the ones we hear the most, let’s address them specifically.

1.    The argument about how he left before

This Cavs team is entirely different than the crew they had six years ago. That 2010 squad was LeBron James, Mo Williams and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. So, basically, just LeBron.

Who did the Cavs bring in to help out down low? A washed up, 38-year-old Shaquille O’Neal. Does anyone actually believe the Cavs were trying to help LeBron win? Give me a break.

This new Cavs team is not only good, but they also have a potential future Hall-of-Famer in Kyrie Irving and All-Star in Kevin Love. Plus, they're seeing improvements every year from Tristan Thompson.

This team is totally different from the 2010 Cavs. Saying he’ll leave because he left before is a stretch.

2.    He left a pretty great team in Miami. Why wouldn’t he leave this team?

The situation in Miami was totally dissimilar. LeBron’s differences with Pat Riley were intensifying. The team chemistry was starting to disappear. And, to top things off, the Heat lost to the Spurs in the Finals that year.

No star player has left a team following a championship unless he retired. Why would LeBron want to be the first to do that?

As well, though the Dubs have the best odds to win the championship next year, the Cavs are a close second.

Miami was just an extended vacation. Cleveland is his home. Why would he leave his home a second time? Dude's said repeatedly he wants to retire as a Cavalier.

3.    He’s Just A Ring Chaser

This has to be the most annoying of the arguments we hear on a regular basis. What does a ring chaser even mean?

I never understood how people criticize his record in the Finals after knocking him for wanting a good supporting cast to win.

The greats always had great teams around them.

  • Kobe had Shaq and Gasol.
  • Jordan had Pippen and Rodman/Grant.
  • Magic and Kareem and Worthy.
  • Bird had Parrish and McHale.
  • Red Auerbach had his cigar.

Again, when LeBron left Cleveland the first time, he didn’t have those teams around him. He was the reason why they even made the playoffs.

Don’t believe me?

Just take a look at their record during his absence compared to their record when he was there. They were a freaking lottery team when he was gone!

Now that LeBron has a good team around him, he won’t leave. End of story. Cleveland is doing what it takes to keep James happy and be contenders every year.

So, haters, stop making a big deal about LeBron staying. Internet trolls, stop the nit-picking. Media, stop reporting it. It isn’t news.

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