LeBron Goes off for Career High

Published on 4-Mar-2014 by Towner Park

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LeBron Goes off for Career High

As André Iguodala tweeted, "pulled a Roger Maris, huh".

Lebron James was, in one word, magnificient last night. Against a Top-10 defense, LeBron took his offensive game to a new level by scoring a majestic 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats.

Ah yes, the defensively efficient Bobcats, who have relinquished up 61 and 62 points this year to two perennial All-Stars in James and Carmelo Anthony, respectfully.

However, it was James last night who was providing the theatrics at American Airlines Arena. For the first time ever, LeBron went off for 50+ in front of his home crowd.

After scoring 49 points by the third quarter -- 25 points in that period alone, which happened to be a personal and Miami Heat franchise best -- even James recognized he was in the zone. He was a perfect 8-for-8 from beyond the arc by this time, comparing shooting to "tossing a golf ball in the ocean".

James scored 12 points in the fourth to account for the 61 total, which happened to be a personal best. He even dethroned Miami Heat great, Glen Rice's scoring record in the process.

Here's his night in summary:

This is quite uncharacteristic of James, who certainly has the ability to score at will on any night he plays. Known for his Magic Johnson-esque basketball IQ, James usually defers instead of asserts himself offensively. He embodies the word unselfishness and makes a concerted effort to involve his teammates on the offensive end.

Being a 30+ points per game scorer isn't part of LeBron's mental composition. Given his status as 'King', he can be quite humble on the hardwood.

Regardless, we witnessed something great last night.

In a league that seems to be a "what have you done for me lately" operation, Lebron reaffirmed his candidacy for the MVP race.

Lets wait and see what Kevin Durant's counterpunch is.