Lebron Doesn't Get Unanimous Vote for MVP

Published on 6-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Lebron Doesn't Get Unanimous Vote for MVP

To the surprise of no one, Lebron James won his fourth Most Valuable Player Award from the NBA.

The shocker came in the voting. James didn't win unanimously, which didn't sit well with Miami Heat fans.

They thought James should have won unanimously, but there was one holdout, and no, it wasn't from someone from Cleveland. Instead, it was none other than Boston Globe writer Gary Washburn, giving the nod to Carmelo Anthony

I said a few weeks ago that it was a foregone conclusion that King James would be the MVP of the league for the fourth time. I also thought there were other players just as deserving, such as Melo and Kobe Bryant, whose teams would be nowhere without them.

No way the Knicks or the Lakers would have even sniffed the playoffs without their best players. The Lakers proved that when Kobe got hurt and the Lakeshow was beaten badly, being swept by the San Antonio Spurs.

But in this day and age, if you don't bow down to King James and his court, then something is wrong with you. It's not that Lebron isn't the best player in the game today, but if he was hurt, the Heat would still have Dewayne Wade, who carried this team for years without Lebron.

To me, most valuable should be redefined. It shouldn't just go to the player who has the most points in a season and the best dunks of the year. It should also take into account a player whose team wouldn't survive without him.

And that, my friends, isn't the Miami Heat.