LeBron & CP3 Pushing Teams’ for Melo

Published on 9-Feb-2017 by CJ

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LeBron & CP3 Pushing Teams’ for Melo

The clock is ticking, hoops fans.

No, not the Doomsday Clock.

Hopefully, that one never strikes midnight.

The one in question here is ticking down to the NBA trade deadline.

With 23 February looming, teams are beginning to make their push to allegedly improve themselves.

This past week saw the first deal of the season happen, involving the Bucks and Hornets. In return for Mason Marshall Miles Plumlee, Charlotte dealt Spencer Hawes and the corpse that used to be top tier center Roy Hibbert.

It’s a good start, but none of those names remotely approach the sexy deal NBA fans want to see.

In fact, all most of them are waiting for the eventual Carmelo Anthony deal.

Melo is currently stuck on another bad and boring Knicks team, on the court, anyway. Phil Jackson’s plan to surround the former Orangeman with veterans like Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Courtney Lee has proven to be a big flop.

Looking toward the future, their best move will be to move Anthony and start a rebuild around Kristaps Porzingis.

The most likely landing spots for the former scoring champ seem to be the Cavaliers and Clippers. While Melo and his no-trade clause are no doubt telling the Knicks where he wants to go, top players on both Cleveland and Los Angeles seem to be pulling strings for him.

Reportedly LeBron James is pushing Cavs' management to bring in his buddy from USA Hoops, even at the cost of Kevin Love. This is a deal that's been shot down by Cavs pundits, as Love is currently playing the best he ever has in a Cavs' uni.

If the report is true, it's a given that LeBron gets what LeBron wants. Plus, there's the fact that LeBron and Love have not always seen eye-to-eye.  

On the Clips' side, Chris Paul is also reported to be pushing his team do to the deal. Like LeBron, CP3 and Melo are also long time buddies.

The Anthony-to-Clippers rumors have been strong recently, with a proposed deal involving Austin Rivers. Yep, the Knicks are considering dealing a megastar scorer for Austin Rivers.


As much as NBA fans love to dump on him, Anthony would help both those suitors this season.

Dude's still a premier player in this league; he just needs a little help out there.

Especially on defense.