LeBron Cashes In and Leaves Doubters in the Dust

Published on 12-Aug-2016 by Swami Brown

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LeBron Cashes In and Leaves Doubters in the Dust

Time to give the Cleveland Cavaliers their props.

Not for upsetting Golden State and claiming their first-ever NBA title.

And not just for being the right hometown team in the right place at the right time.

It's for biting the bullet and actually sharing the serious coin they're making in both revenue and franchise value by paying the dude who's making most of it possible.

LeBron James finally became the NBA's highest paid player, supplanting Kobe Bryant with a three-year, $100million extension, courtesy of that ol' hothead hizzownself, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.

Thismega-deal puts him in elite company with The Black Mamba and even His Airness as the only players to eclipse the $30million mark in a single season.

Can anybody say moneybags?

Sorry Mike Conley, LeBron's got you beat on this one.

Bean counters will surely agree that this may be the smartest decision the Cavaliers have made since ... well ... bringing LeBron back to Believeland.

It obviously keeps the team together and gives them the best possible shot at at more titles.

And in the kajillionaires vs multi-millionaires world of the NBA, paying LeBron as if he's the best player in the league makes him all warm and fuzzy inside.

This isn't about padding the man's ego, this is about making a statement and making LeBron James as happy as he can be, because he is the best player in the league.

Dude's even got Cam Newton's vote as the best.

Some would make a case for Stephen Curry, the Cavs-Dubs ring series is tied 1-1, and Curry is a two-time defending MVP, but ...

Not to mention ...

Since James was drafted, he's never been the highest player in the league despite being a three-time MVP and, now, a three-time NBA champion. It's about time the man's paid what he deserves!

Dudes like him really only come into the league -- and actually pan out -- once in a blue moon. This new deal does its part to solidify him as just that.

Not bad for a man-child from Akron with a dream of bringing titles to his home state.