Knicks to Vet Vogel for Coaching Vacancy

Published on 7-May-2016 by CJ

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Knicks to Vet Vogel for Coaching Vacancy

The past week has not been kind to Frank Vogel.

It all started last Sunday, when his Indiana Pacers took on the Toronto Raptors in Game 7.

Despite the Paul George's best efforts, the Pacers came up short against a team that had never won a Game 7 in its history.

And that was the dude's high-water mark.

If a first-round exit wasn’t bad enough, Vogel’s week took a turn for the worse when he found out he was being canned.

You'd think the Pacers, whom he led to consecutive Eastern Conference finals, would give him a respectful exit interview.

Instead, Larry Bird -- who should know better -- stated in an odd interview that Vogel begged for his job on the phone for a half hour.

Nice way to treat a dude who made the playoffs every year he had a healthy Paul George.

At least he's now free to seek a place that actually wants him.

Luckily, Vogel’s searchmight not last that long. It's been reported that the Knicks reached out to his agent to see if he would be interested in putting out their dumpster fire.

Of course, any potential Knicks coach would have to use Phil Jackson’s precious triangle offense -- courtesy of Tex Winter, of course -- a system foreign to Vogel's résumé.

Then again, Frank with no triangle experience is still better than Kurt Rambis, who's burdened with a .284 winning percentage as a coach.

If the Zen Master actually wants to make the Knicks better, he needs to get past his obsession with the subpar Rambis and get Vogel in the building ASAP.

Otherwise, dude's dooming the Knickerbockers to the NBA basement for the foreseeable future.