Just Another Lazy Sunday in the NBA

Published on 16-Mar-2015 by El Grande Rio

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Just Another Lazy Sunday in the NBA

It was just another drudge Sunday in the NBA.

Teams were dragging themselves through the back end of game clusters that feature three of them in four nights or, if it's a light week, back-to-backers.

Go get 'em, Commish! And good luck shifting from prime dates.

In spite of that, sometimes a player's best efforts aren't enough to grab the win.

Anthony Davis knows his team need buckets and blocks, but hey, Pelicans! Basketball is still a team sport!

LeBron James was in Florida on Sunday, and yowza! Talk about a mismatch! Not even Penn & Teller could add enough magic to save Orlando. The Cavs are spraying sparks right now, while His Jamesness is preparing a new decree: Contenders! Beware the Knights of the Cuyahoga! They're on fire! Instead of the Cuyahoga.

If there was ever any doubt that all the Knicks' offense misses is a clown car, Alexey Shved put paid to it and still got the and 1:

This is now known as Play No 2.

Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders believes that a three-point game is not essentail for team to win the title. Yeah, right. 123 points by the Spurs could serve as a lesson to the contrary, while Manu Ginobilli auditions for leading role in a fresh new blockbuster: White and Old Can Jump!

Soon to be playing at a convalescent center near you ... and here:

Indeed. Get that shot out of here!