JR Smith Wants You to Know He's Back in Cleveland

Published on 25-Aug-2015 by Towner Park

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JR Smith Wants You to Know He's Back in Cleveland

I know, the overall excitement isn't anything like McDonald's bringing back the McRib.

But, JR Smith is back! In Cleveland! To play for the Cavaliers!

Just wanted to be clear about that.

I mean, dude's more concerned with selfies and his Twitter feed than playing basketball, but he's formed an airtight bond with The King, and once you're in that circle of trust, it's hard to get kicked out.

Smith actually was magnificent in the Eastern Conference Finals last year. His 47.1% success rate from the arc was Chris Kyle-esque, if you ask me. Cleveland's very own American Sniper.

He seemed to excel at his position once he was traded from the lowly New York Knicks.

Given the opportunity to play with LeBron James -- whose nickname really should be Mr Everything -- Smith helped to generate an even more lethal offense with his ability to stretch the defense, which ultimately propelled Cleveland to a 34-13 record, post-trade.

What with the injuries Cleveland suffered, Smith's extended court time significantly wore him downby the time he got to the NBA finals. He was almost non-existent there.

The Cavs -- in desperate need of offense without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love -- counted on Smith, almost too much. He faltered big time, shooting 31% overall and 29% from trey land.

Maybe he should try being less self-absobred and work on his cardio.

I don't necessarily believe his return is a bad thing for the Cavs. Smith did accept a pay cut, but on the bright side, James usually finds a way to maximize his teammate's potential.

Smith brings baggage -- just ask Phil Jackson -- and immaturity, but when focused, dude can be quite an asset to this team if James can keep him on-task.

Regardless, the Cavs will be projected to repeat as Eastern Conference Champions, which means more photo shoots for JR & Co.

Better charge your phone JR; you're going to get even more chances to market yourself next season.