John Wall Keeps Getting Ejected From Games

Published on 13-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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John Wall Keeps Getting Ejected From Games

Leadership is an intangible difficult to define or quantify.

However, we can all agree that it's much easier to provide leadership in a basketball setting by staying on the floor for the complete game.

This is where John Wall keeps getting snagged.

The Washington Wizards' star guard has been asked to leave two consecutive games.

It bears mentioning that the Wizards have only played six games.

That's some disturbing math.

The first incident took place against Houston when Wall picked up two technicals and an automatic hook:

Honesty, who wants to stick around for the end of a home loss anyway?

The former Kentucky Wildcat was at it again the very next game when the Wiz hosted the Celtics.

Well, you can't really do that.

Obviously, frustration is beginning to mount for Wall, who's craving some respect from the man.

Optimus Dime should be getting more calls, but isn't exactly endearing himself to the officials at the moment.

At this point, simply getting through a game without being tossed would be a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, dude's already accumulated three fragrant penalty points and could be facing game suspensions pretty soon.

He could also lose his driving privileges.