James Harden and the Elusive 50-Point Triple-Double

Published on 5-Feb-2017 by Raoul Duke

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James Harden and the Elusive 50-Point Triple-Double

James Harden is really, really good at basketball.

The Houston guard and MVP candidate continues to dazzle, putting up silly numbers that have become almost routine.

Recently, Harden and his magnificent beard went off on the Sixers in Philly.

The line:

51 points/13 boards/13 dimes.

No, this actually happened.

How does one describe this dude's game?

Yep, that works.

As impossible as it may seem, this is actually his second 50-point triple-double this season.

Wrap your mind around this line:

53 points/16 boards/17 dimes.

If any of this seems unusual ... well ... it is.

Check it out:

It's worth noting that Russell Westbrook also tore off a 50-point triple-double earlier this season, which is just as silly.

The scary thing is, both players seem capable of putting up these cartoonish numbers every time out.

These two dudes are currently locked into some sort of NBA bloodsport, dueling on a nightly basis in a frenetic MVP race.

My money is on the Beard.