It Could Be the NBA Finals Have Already Been Played

Published on 6-Jun-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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It Could Be the NBA Finals Have Already Been Played

If anybody needed Yogi Berra for a fan this season, it'd be the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They could also use Harry Houdini as a mentor.

And just possibly, the Cavs could benefit from a general manager who isn't on the court.

Otherwise, this will just keep on happening:

How ugly was Game 2?

Enough so someone oughta update this 2009 report from The Onion to replace Clippers with Cavaliers:

How daunting is the task ahead gonna be for Cleveland?

Well, 32 teams in Finals history have faced 2-0 deficits. Only three have rebounded to hug Larry O'Brien.

This wasn't one of them, but it's still the immortal hug:

Jordan hug

After Space Jam, that was never gonna be an Oscar pose, but it served His Tearness well by evolving into the even more immortal meme.

Which, if the 2016 Finals is any indication, would also sum up LeBron's chances of starring in Space Jam II.

Dubs' coach Steve Kerr knew a thing or two about Tex Winter's triangle offense and Phil Jackson's defensive schemes. He also has fond memories of what's it's like for an entire roster to step up when necessary.

Seems like he brought the lessons learned -- if not the plays themselves -- to the Bay Area. So far, so good.

From the Warriors' point of view, of course.

Now, how do the Thunder players get fitted for second-place rings?