Is Lebron's Legacy on the Line If He Loses the Championship?

Published on 18-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Is Lebron's Legacy on the Line If He Loses the Championship?

As Lebron James prepares for perhaps his last NBA game of the season, one has to wonder if King James and the Miami Heat lose to the San Antonio Spurs, will this tarnish his legacy?

I realize he is still young, but losing to the Spurs could hurt him as being seen as the best player of this generation. Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan's legacy are cemented, but there was a time, especially in Bryant's career, when people questioned how good of a player he was. 

Many thought when the LA Lakers traded Shaq to the Heat, that they were crazy. How could you trade the best big man in the game at the time to Miami?

To make matters worse, Shaq won an NBA Championship with the Heat which put a lot of pressure on Kobe to deliver.

Bryant had to prove that he was more than Shaq's little brother; he had to prove he was the leader of the Lakers and that he could deliver a championship on his own and he has. 

After Shaq, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers have won three NBA Championships and Bryant did it basically without another superstar on the team. Who knew a lot about Pau Gasol or Lamar Odom before they became Lakers?

Bryant not only made these guys better players, he turned them into all-stars. Lebron James can't say the same.

In order for him to win a championship, he left Cleveland, joined DeWayne Wade in Miami and so far they've won one championship.

Dr. J only won one championship in his career and still is one of the best players of all time, but the good Doctor didn't promise he'd win several championships like King James and the Heat have and if Lebron doesn't deliver those championships as he promised, his legacy will fall far short then most expected including Lebron.