Impressive Start for 76ers' Rookie

Published on 31-Oct-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Impressive Start for 76ers' Rookie

They say records were made to be broken and 76er's rookie Micheal Carter-Williams is off to a rousing start. 


In his NBA debut aganist the reigning champion Miami Heat, he literally had a record-breaking game.

Carter-Williams had an impressive 22 points,12 assists, 7 rebounds, and 9 steals in the 76ers' surprising upset of the Miami Heat.  Those stats would be impressive for any player, but for a rookie in his first game, it's almost unheard of. The nine steals are both a team and an NBA record and the 12 assist are second-best as far as rookie debuts are concerned. 

His talent is apparent, but his ability still seems questionable to me. Carter-Williams struggled at Syracuse because of his lack of weight, his mediocre shooting, and his inability to hang on to the ball. His amazing start to his professional career, though, might be an indication he found a sharper focus than his college performance seemed to portend. 

Rookie of the year?

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Not so fast. It's still only one game.