I've Had Enough of Formulized Sports Reports!

Published on 20-May-2013 by Larry Cory

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I've Had Enough of Formulized Sports Reports!

I  have had enough with Big Media!

Where do we find these people?  They are soooo predictable with the trite crap that they write! They are like robots spewing out the same ole stuff day after day, week after week, and yes, year after year!  They seem to have a formula all worked out and just plug the team names into body of work.

So the Spurs blow out the Grizzlies in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals. As soon has the game was over I -- and maybe you -- knew what the headline would be and how the story would be slanted.

'San Antonio has been there soooo many times before and have all the experience on their side, while Memphis looked and played like it was their first trip the the conference finals.'

Wow! Really? That's the best you got? Of course it is! Thats the sports writers' formula!

Now, we all know what the headlines would have been if the Grizzlies would have won Game 1, don't we?

Sure we do!

'The Grizzlies are young and hungry and the Spurs are old and slow!'

You make a boatload of money and that's the best you have? Has the NBA cut back on the media room spread or something? Is there a race to get there before it's all gone?

The worst part of it is that we, as sports fans, are stuck with the junk that these guys write. They appear to be dug in like a tick, and I guess we're the damn dog.

How can we change it? Truth is, we probably can't. We have to wait around for the 'writers' formula' that will tell us some obvious nugget of knowledge like 'The series doesn't begin until the road team wins a game!'

Yes, sports fans, wait for it. Because we all know that's what the menu calls for next!