How To Persevere, Vin Baker Style

Published on 3-Aug-2015 by Towner Park

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How To Persevere, Vin Baker Style

Recently, I was perusing the 'Net, looking for something socially redeeming in some form or another.

That's when I stumbled across the story of Vin Baker -- four-time NBA All-Star and a current alcoholic in recovery -- who is rediscovering the route to success.

Now, this dude knows about the definition of perserverance.

A former Milwaukee Buck and Seattle Sonic as a lethal 6-11 hardwood stud, Baker also collected an Olympic gold medal during his 13-year pro career.

Successful, yes?

Well, not exactly.

Baker devolved from a Rolls Royce to a Ford Taurus with breathtaking speed. Burned through $100million faster than a Cali wildfire. From motivated athlete to troublesome and disengaged alcoholic.

A sad narrative indeed, something from which most people never recover. It could've ended there behind some alley dumpster, but Baker somehow found the mental resolve to turn his life around.

Ergo, dude's story arc now goes from NBA luminary to tragic bum to one of the tallest baristas in Starbuck's history. He's in their management training program, hoping to regain a leadership role.

At least Howard Schultz has now done something for Seattle basketball besides cater to carpetbaggers.

Vin Baker Sonic Howard Schultz

North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is where Baker currently works. This is his new life and he appreciates the opportunity to redefine himself.

As for his problem with alcohol, it's an everyday struggle. It always will be. But he accepts it.

It's a little different, filling orders rather than dunking basketballs, but he seems to understand this is his second chance and blowing it is not a viable option.