How Cool Is the Nickname Game?

Published on 18-Dec-2013 by Towner Park

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How Cool Is the Nickname Game?

At first glance, this idea reminded me of the XFL.

You remember the short-lived football league founded by Vince McMahon, owner of the World Wrestling Foundation, don't you?

That new league was supposed to intensely provide fans a springtime filled with more football but failed miserably. However, one aspect that I did like was the fact that players could wear monikers on their jerseys instead of their actual names.

Apparently, the NBA, albeit for two games, will incorporate that concept and allow each player, to wear a nickname of their choosing.

The inaugural 'nickname' game will be 21 January when the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets butt heads.

Naturally, Lebron James will have King James embroidered on the back of his jersey. Ray Allen -- NBA All-Star and former Spike Lee film star -- will have Jesus Shuttlesworth for the role he played in He Got Game.

For the Brooklyn Nets, Paul Pierce will have The Truth as his moniker and Jason Terry will have Jet showcased on the back of his jersey.

Fans will even have the opportunity to purchase these jerseys -- at an outrageous cost, in my opinion -- but the concept alone speaks volumes. Apparently, the NBA isn't as monotonous as it appears. The only real 'fun' is when All-Star weekend rolls around or when the playoffs arrive and a nNBA playoff team fanbase unites to wear a particular color en masse.

Hopefully, this trend continues. because I think many NBA fans will appreciate this newfound idea. I also hope that this concept expands to other teams so that the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets aren't the only two teams who get to partake in this unique experience.

Bravo, NBA! You're at least trying to make each team's exhausting 82-game season worth watching.