Home for Sale, Comes with a Spot on Team

Published on 13-Jun-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Home for Sale, Comes with a Spot on Team
When you see smoke, there is usually a fire.
The smoke thickens as speculation begin to swirl.  
Chris Bosh is putting his 12,368-square-foot home up for sale.
 Bosh said the decision was made with his family in mind, because his wife is expecting their second child.
Is that true? 
Maybe. Maybe not.
Other reports say it is because his home was burglarized and he doesn't feel safe. Maybe that's believable, but reports show that he is a neighbor to Dwayne Wade. This fact kinda adds a little doubt on security problems or 'burglary,' for that matter.  
Bosh assures critics that there should be no concerns about the direction of his playing career, because he wants to retire in Miami.  
Time will only tell if Bosh is seeing the writing on the wall, that the Big Three may not be as certain as we all thought. With 
Bosh, Wade and James all having the ability to opt out of their current deals in the summer of 2014, it is unclear what the future holds.
In the meantime, if you're not expecting a second child and need a 12,368-square-foot home to have room for the first one -- and entertain a few friends or a college marching band or something -- has Chris Bosh got a deal for you!