Guaran-Tee: Chris Bosh Claims He Was Talking Golf, Not Game 5

Published on 15-Jun-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Guaran-Tee: Chris Bosh Claims He Was Talking Golf, Not Game 5

While the Spurs celebrated their fifth title in franchise history Sunday, Chris Bosh -- Another Dude in the Miami Heat's 'Big Three and Another Dude' -- prepared to hit the links.

And he had a clarification for The Daily Player about that guarantee thingy he said prior to Game 5.

"I was talking about a round of golf," he said pulling on his plus-fours and attempting to spin a golf ball on his index finger. "What I actually said was I guarantee we'll be destroyed by the Spurs and on the front nine before Melo can say sweet FA."

"Easy misunderstanding, in hindsight."

Bosh Golf

Thank you for straightening that out. Given the way you performed in the final tilt, it all makes sense now.

"No problem. You wouldn't think I'd play that terrible unless I had somewhere else to be, would you?"

Somewhere like the Bucks, the Kings, the Sixers?

"Don't talk about those guys, okay? We're in a foursome with them and they're excellent golfers. They've been practicing for a quite a while."  

So, when are you guaranteeing off?

"Just as soon as LeBron tells us to follow his lead."