Goude-luck to the Lakers

Published on 28-Apr-2013 by The Guy

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Goude-luck to the Lakers

This isn't a news flash, but it is the reality: the Los Angeles Lakers are extremely banged up right now.

Kobe is done for the year and Steve Nash is in a wheelchair. Steve Blake is out with a hamstring injury (although no one's ever lost a game because of a Steve Blake injury), and Metta World Peace is playing with a cyst in his knee. 

In Game 3, the Lakers were forced to start Darius Morris and Andrew Goudelock in the backcourt. Yea, Goude-luck with that. They predictably lost the game, getting manhandled by 31 points. 

For Sunday's Game 4 at the Staples Center, Bovada and the oddsmaking community have made the Lakers 11 point underdogs.

This line is honestly a joke. Home teams in the NBA should almost never face double-digit spreads as underdogs, and even though they are starting two morons in the backcourt, the Lakers still have one of the best froncourts in the NBA. 

The Spurs will also be without Tiago Splitter for this one, adding to the value the Lakers are getting. The injury-depleted Lakeshow probably won't win the game, but I'd be pretty surprised to see another blowout.

Take the points.



Result ... San Antonio 103 Los Angeles Lakers 82     Spurs cover