Friday Night Fights? The NBA's Already Got Them

Published on 14-Mar-2015 by El Grande Rio

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Friday Night Fights? The NBA's Already Got Them

NBC Sports may be trying to bring Friday night bouts back to prominence in the USA, but it's already a crowded market.

And that's not counting the NHL's occasional antics.

Some of the NBA's dudes have been getting rather feisty lately, as evidenced this past Friday.

For example, after colliding with Glen 'Big Baby' Davis, Dallas Mavericks mainstay Dirk Nowitzki may have had a few not-so-pleasant dreams:

This is why hoopsters, like boxers, wear mouthguards. They're not to protect teeth; they're for keeping a cushion between the choppers in an effort to prevent concussions.

Dirk might want to consider getting fitted for one.

Then, there was this rumble in the Motor City. Who knew that when a Piston got it on with a Blazer, the result would be a ram?

In the English port cities, this would be called a Liverpool kiss. In Detroit, though, it's called a weak imitation of the Bad Boys.

However, if there's nothing convenient to hit, why not go for a degree of difficulty and try to peg a referee?

Harder than it looks. How can those dudes be so spry and still miss so many calls?

Finally, if Boston ever puts Evan Turner on the block, the Harlem Globetrotters might be interested. He did this against Orlando, only he was supplying the magic: