FIBA Worlds: USA's Gold Grab a Slam Dunk

Published on 15-Sep-2014 by Alan Adamsson

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FIBA Worlds: USA's Gold Grab a Slam Dunk

Figuratively speaking, USA Coach Mike Krzyzewski went to war with the army he had.

And it was good enough.

Better than good enough, actually.

Because this is West Point graduate Coach K we're talking about. With Jim Boeheim, Tom Thibodeau, and Monty Williams as overqualified lieutenants.

Airheads back in the States called this the B-team because the brand-name players didn't show. Believe it or not, America has more than them. With that sort of talent depth and Coach K at the helm, only Spain would have had a chance to keep the gold medal game close. A chance.

But Serbia? Nope. 129-92.

Make no mistake. European teams, especially, are fundamentally sound and show it. American hoopsters have the same skill set; they just go for the flash-and-dash because that's what makes them brand names in a country that seems to obsess about them.

But with a detail-oriented coach in charge -- one who comes with respect already earned -- Team USA is a joy for even the purists to watch.

Mainly because they left no doubt.