FanDuel's NBA One-Day Leagues Are Dunkin' the Dosh

Published on 30-Dec-2014 by The Dudes

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FanDuel's NBA One-Day Leagues Are Dunkin' the Dosh

Fantasy addicts: FanDuel is a year-round hit!

The NFL may be winding down, but the NBA and NHL action is going strong.

Here are just a few reasons why FanDuel is so popular:

  • One-day leagues with no season-long commitment
  • Over 12,000 leagues open every day; play in as many as you like
  • Salary cap format ... draft the players you want in minutes
  • Over $10million in real cash prizes are paid out every week
  • Instant payouts as soon as leagues end.

Some league entry fees are as low as $1, which is far less than a ticket to whatever's playing at the Bijou these days.

Here are FanDuel's most popular NBA leagues:

  • The NBA Slam, with a $25 entry fee and featuring $150,000 in daily prizes
  • The NBA Assist, where $5 entry fee opens the door to $6000 in daily prizes

And who knows? Have just one good day, and it could lead to amazing adventures!