Expectations too High in Brooklyn?

Published on 7-May-2013 by Towner Park

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Expectations too High in Brooklyn?

Memo to ... Billy King, General Manager - Brooklyn Nets

Re ... Coaching Vacancy

Seriously, what does it take to get a coaching contract nowadays in the NBA if your name isn't Phil Jackson?

Yes, we all know that the 11 championships Phil Jackson has are quite impressive, but instant gratification isn't realistic. You, your staff, and upper management seem to not understand what it takes to be a quality and competitive team. The Nets organization wants instant success, but you are too impatient to obtain it.

PJ Carlesimo wasn't even given a chance; he wasn't even at the helm long enough for any players to choke him, for chrissakes! According to Carlesimo, he was doomed if a title wasn't won. He posted a 35-19 record as the interim coach. From my perspective, that's a solid performance. How about giving him a chance to prove himself next year?

We all know teams don't instantly gel. Take a look at the Big Three from Miami. It took them a few years to figure out their roles. With two outstanding guards, a solid center, and some athletic role players, Brooklyn has a solid team. Let the man coach, I say!! Give him another opportunity.

Too bad we're in an age where players aren't held accountable. If Deron and Joe played up to their potential, the Nets would be lethal. Maybe someone can tap into that drive to win. Maybe that guy was PJ if onlyhe was given the opportunity to coach his personnel for an entire summer, pre-season and regular season. We will never get the chance to know.

Thanks a lot, Billy.


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