Ewing to Get a Shot at Coaching?

Published on 2-May-2016 by CJ

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Ewing to Get a Shot at Coaching?

Patrick Ewing has spent his years in the NBA trenches.

In his youth, dude dominated the college game at Georgetown.

Besides helping the Hoyas win the 1984 championship, the he won back-to-back Big East Player of the Year awards.

His draft night is one of legends.

Was there a frozen envelope?

The world will never know.

What we do know is that Ewing's dominance transcended the college game, and he was just as much a beast in the pros.

The dude brought the Knickerbockers the closest the team has ever gotten to touching the Larry O’Brien trophy since the days when Phil Jackson used to run up and down the court in short shorts.

Sorry for that image, by the way, unless mankinis ever become a thing.

Anyway, for a man of his large size and stature, Ewing was able to move and shoot with the grace of a gazelle.

OK, so gazelles don't have hands, but if they did:

Ewing’s playing days are long since over, but his love for the game has proven unyielding.

From the court to clipboard, dude's long since shifted his basketball jones towards the coaching world.

Ewing has had several assistant coaching gigs over the years, including stops in such cities as Washington, Houston, Orlando, and most recently, Charlotte.

Sadly, no team has been willing to give Patrick his big break.

His ten-plus years of coaching experience are more than a horde of others who've been given big coaching jobs.

Looking at you, Derek Fisher.

Undeterred, Ewing keeps a positive attitude in the face of rejection.

However, the wait may be over

Reportedly, Ewing is scheduled to get an interview with the Sacramento Kings.

That could be a mixed blessing if he gets the nod. SacTown is the NBA's own special hell with coach-killer Boogie Cousins in residence.

Ewing had success developing both Dwight Howard and Al Jefferson during his days as an assistant. Maybe he could finally be the coach to take Boogie to the next level in NBA stardom. Or at least in locker room etiquette.

It’s time for some team to finally give Ewing a chance.

If the Kings don’t, I can think of another NBA team that should give Ewing a call: