Durant Gives Touching Tribute to Mom in MVP Speech

Published on 7-May-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Durant Gives Touching Tribute to Mom in MVP Speech

With so much wacky news going on lately in the NBA because of the Donald Sterling story, it was refreshing to finally see some positive news come out of the league.

Thank you, Kevin Durant.

The Oklahoma City winger is this year's Most Valuable Player. He averaged 32 points a game, eight rebounds per game and almost five assist.

Durant finally beat out rival LeBron James for the honors. He was genuinely touched that the league made him their MVP.

Kudos to an athlete who takes the time to thank his mother for all she has done for him and not just thanking his agent or coach for helping him get to the top.

Durant's story of overcoming provety to make it to the top of the league should be an inspiration for anyone trying to fighthis or her way to the top.

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