Dubs' Roster Tops Cavs' Big Three in Game 1

Published on 3-Jun-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Dubs' Roster Tops Cavs' Big Three in Game 1

If there's a subcurrent at work in this year's NBA Finals, it's this:

The game is called basketball, not floorball.

The way Kylie was pounding it into the maples all night, someone might want to remind him.

While Cleveland's point guard did an outstanding job of bringing his offense to a screeching halt -- especially when the rubber met the road in Quarter 4 -- the Golden State Warriors got their entire crew involved and raced to a 104-89 victory in Game 1.

The box score confirms the proverbial 1000 words those pictures just told:

  • The Cavaliers' big three -- lower case intended -- shot 28-73 for a less-than-elite 38.4% rate; while
  • The Warriors big three off the bench dialed in for 43 points, with Shaun Livingston's 20 leading the way.

Team play. What a concept!

Sorta like how the Dubs did Cleveland in last year's Finals.

A cultural divide exists these days between the Eastern and Western Conferences. It's star system v system.

Right now, what with the Dubs' spreading and sharing, they don't always need big games from the Splashsters.

Odds are, those big games are in the offing. If they neutralize James's big games the rest of the way, Larry O'Brien stays in the Bay Area.