Dubs Hang Around, then Hang One on Cavs

Published on 5-Jun-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Dubs Hang Around, then Hang One on Cavs

Pepe le Pew should be right up there with Budda and Confucius.

At least, the Golden State Warriors should think so.

Coach Steve Kerr's crew took the long view as they trailed for most of the game before drawing even and ultimately prevailing in overtime, 108-100.

So that's what happens when Cleveland's offense is stripped down to LeBron James. Damn near a shutout in overtime.

To no one's surprise, even James is human. And that can take its toll.

Unless, of course, the steady approach is taken. The Warriors tag-teamed James on defense and had more options on offense. Unless something changes, this could add up to a short series.

Especially if plays like this go missing due to injury:

So Cleveland has both some healing and some thinking to do if they expect to make the Finals a classic.

But they've got it to do it.