Drummond Redefines 'Hoop-&-Harm' ... 12 Times in a Row

Published on 21-Jan-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Drummond Redefines 'Hoop-&-Harm' ... 12 Times in a Row

First, there was Hack-a-Shaq.

Now, thanks to a technique perfected by Houston's KJ McDaniels, there's a new version of it.

The Hug-a-Drum.

Here it is, making its world debut last night when the Rockets met Detroit and chose to compromise the Pistons' possessions by preying upon by charity-stripe challenged Andre Drummond:

Woulda been more fun if they'd traded for John Scott and called him up. He's amazingly available for short shifts until Sun 31 Jan.

Here's how McDaniels' brief appearance looks in the scorebook:

Rockets v Pistons McDaniels fouls

Do know that once McDaniels' completed his duties, Detroit did this seven more times. Straight. Making it an even dozen.

And for the record, Drummond clanged 11 of 16 free throws in the third quarter.

But here's how that innovative episode worked out in the grand scheme of things, and check out who stepped up in the late going:

Maybe that'll stem the predictable tide calling for drastic rule changes.

Drummond's pulling down $4.4mil a year. If teams figure he's worth that in spite of 15-foot bricks, so be it.

In the meantime, the game -- and the Drum -- abides.

Maybe in the next lifetime.

Clang on, dude.