Draymond v LeBron in the Finals: A Once in a Lifetime Event

Published on 3-Jun-2015 by David Webb

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Draymond v LeBron in the Finals: A Once in a Lifetime Event

Draymond Green v LeBron James.

The NBA Finals are going to sport plenty of fantastic matchups and wacky lineups, but nothing is more unique than the matchup between Green and James.

We all know LeBron has been absolutely godlike in the playoffs and doing it without the support of Kevin Love and only getting a third of Kyrie Irving. Seriously, some of these dunks should be put on a continuous loop for people to enjoy, like this one:

Like another No 23 long ago on a court not so far away, James has also hit a game-winner to suck the life out of the Chicago Bulls in the second round.

Simply put, LeBron has been fantastic and this dude looks unstoppable. He'll even agree that he's playing his best basketball right now. But, a matchup that's hidden under the hype of Stephen Curry v LeBron James in the finals involves Draymond Green.

Yeah, the dude who used to be an absolute foul machine off the bench for Mark Jackson and is now arguably the most valuable player for the Warriors, offensively and defensively.

Taking into account Green’s performances during these playoffs, it seems sacrilege that he didn’t win Defensive Player of the Year. Just look at this sequence in Game 1 against Houston; already he frustrates Dwight Howard and the dude knows it.

It's mind-boggling how good the Warriors are when he's on the floor. Yes, he's a good defender, but the Warriors have the luxury of being able to switch with ease and not lose a step. Green can guard pretty much any position. Then, add to that his glue guy mentality in doing a little bit of everything, and it gives Golden State a hell of a weapon.

What makes this matchup so unique is not only does it pit the best player in the NBA against arguably the best defender in the NBA, but it's also a matchup that will probably not occur too often on this stage.

Let’s lay it out:

  • James is going into his fifth straight NBA finals, but even he will succumb to age eventually.
  • The Cavaliers are shrouded in mystery in terms of who is even on the team next season and whether there's longevity to what they're trying to build.
  • The Eastern Conference may be weak now, but in the next couple of seasons, teams like the Wizards and the Bucks will be a force to reckon with. The Cavaliers won't have the run of the conference for very long. 

All that makes sense, but what about Green? Dude's only 25, and his contagious smile and intense stare will be around for a while.

Glad you asked.

  • Green will be a restricted free agent after this season is over, and multiple teams are essentially drooling over the prospect of having him. The Detroit Pistons, in particular, will try to lure Green back to his home in Michigan, but the Warriors are saying that they will match any offer made.
  • Golden State has had a dream season, but there's a strong possibility that next season will not be so kind and getting to the Finals will not be a breeze. How often does a team have 67 wins?

The fact that this matchup is happening in the NBA Finals as well makes this even more unique. For both teams, this feels like a matchup that will only happen once on this stage. With the Western Conference being a bloodbath and the Cavaliers not exactly oozing with confidence in terms of their future, a Green v James matchup in the Finals should be something to cherish and enjoy.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets a feisty, almost immovable object? Only time will tell, but enjoy it, because it might not happen again.