Derrick Rose Doesn't Care Much for Triangles

Published on 28-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Derrick Rose Doesn't Care Much for Triangles

Unfortunately for the New York Knicks, they were the pre-determined sacrificial lambs in Cleveland on NBA opening night.

The Cavs received their well-deserved rings and then proceeded to discipline Derrick Rose and the Knicks rather harshly.

This 117-88 spanking wasn't particularly surprising and reinforced a myriad of Knicks issues, including Rose's contempt for the triangle offense.

Back in dude's 2011 MVP prime with the Chicago Bulls, he was ridiculously athletic and enjoyed working out of endless pick-&-rolls.

However, the triangle is another matter.

Phil Jackson and Tex Winter's love-child offense is a complicated affair that requires the players to make quick decisions on a continuous basis.

It's not terribly surprising that Rose is struggling with these complexities, but in his defense, other players in New York have voiced their displeasure with the triangle in the past, including Carmelo Anthony.

Makes sense. He's no Michael Jordan, and neither is Rose.

In addition, D-Rose missed most of the pre-season, dealing with that nauseating civil rape trial, which included photos of Rose with various jurors.

Hope you didn't just eat.

The point is, the time spent extracting himself from that legal mess would've been better utilized working on a new offense with new teammates.

Rose seemed flummoxed as to his team's performance after the game, apparently unaware that he now plays for the Knicks.

So dude's delusional, as well.