Dennis Rodman Rants Incoherently on Live Television

Published on 8-Jan-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Dennis Rodman Rants Incoherently on Live Television

In a live spot on CNN, Dennis Rodman and his merry band of former NBA players were involved in an interview that quickly dissolved into a sideshow.

Dennis was asked whether he felt it was appropriate to travel to North Korea again in light of the Kenneth Bae situation and other unsavory events that have transpired recently in the country. Rodman immediately became defensive, and attempted to articulate what he was trying to accomplish by staging a basketball game on the 31st birthday of Kim Jong Un.

It did not go well.

Man, that is difficult to watch. Unless you had your English-to-crazy dictionary on hand, I imagine it was impossible to translate that cringe-worthy rant.

The press conference gave the impression of a professional wrestler cutting an animated promo complete with screaming and finger pointing, with Rodman enthusiastically embracing the role of the heel. However, at no point during this rambling screed did Dennis advocate saying your prayers or taking vitamins.

Perhaps he should have consulted the Hulkster before making a complete fool of himself on live television.

Of course, the Worm has been involved in professional wrestling in the past, enjoying a distinguished career as a member of the NWO and a stint as imposter Sting. Such silliness always seemed like an appropriate way for Rodman to spend his time.

Dennis will obviously do pretty much anything to remain relevant, including all manner of reality programming and publicity stunt work. This latest venture into North Korea is just bizarre, and his relationship with the man-child Kim Jong Un remains a mystery.

This dude used to be a defensive force on the basketball court, but things have clearly taken a turn for the surreal.

Is there some sort of support group for former cross dressing NBA rebounding champs who have completely snapped? Because if so, Rodman needs to MapQuest the address to whatever church basement houses these meetings and get himself a Styrofoam cup filled with day old coffee.

However, it may be difficult for him to secure a sponsor.