DeMar DeRozen's on a Defiant Scoring Tear

Published on 3-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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DeMar DeRozen's on a Defiant Scoring Tear

Simply put, DeMar DeRozen knows where he can put that basketball.

The Toronto Raptors' criminally underrated shooting guard is filling buckets like mad early in the NBA season, averaging a healthy 36.3 points in his first four games.

Admittedly, this is a rather small sample size, but dude can most certainly ball.

In addition to those skills and a really cool name, DeRozen is something of a throwback in regard to style.

Dude's scoring all of these points almost exclusively without the benefit of the three-ball.

It is almost sacrilege to suggest such a thing, but long distance shooting is just not part of his skill set.

In four games, DeRozen's attempted six treys, hitting just one.

In our modern NBA, with teams like the Golden State Warriors firing three-pointers indiscriminately from all over the arena, this is quite the novelty.

DeRozen also appears to be motivated by a perceived lack of respect at being formally underrated by the print media.

Regardless of agenda, dude knows how to put the ball in the hole.

Of course, his manic scoring clip will likely not continue at this pace, but DeRozen is clearly coming into his own.

Perhaps he could bring back the short shorts to go along with his throwback game.

Somewhere, John Stockton just instinctively executed a flawless pick-&-roll.